Facility Management Services

H&M is a leading provider of Facility Management services in Tasmania, from long term facilities management through to day to day services, we enable you to focus on your core business activity and give you confidence in achieving your desired outcomes by backing our ability to deliver results.

Our facility management team is committed to providing exceptional long-term service delivery for our clients, working to enable their success.

We provide Facility management service that will ensure the correct and proper performance of all aspects of a building to create an optimal, safe and cost effective environment. We can customise a model to suit your needs, or offer a day to day service.

Our comprehensive range of facility management services includes but not limited to

  • Asset management and maintenance planning.
  • Reactive/ Responsive Maintenance
  • Provision of hard and soft facility management services.
  • Management of capital works and projects.
  • Energy management and sustainability reporting.
  • Provision of day-to-day facility management.